Belazu Ingredients Co

Bringing Mediterranean & Middle Eastern ingredients to passionate chefs & home cooks since 1991. We import their Rose Harissa, Preserved Lemons, and many other specialty food products from Belazu. The products are great for people who like cook and experiment with new recipes.

Belazu Apricot Harissa 170g (6oz) MP6BZ-036R
Belazu Aubergine and Parm Pesto 165g MP6BZ-014D
Belazu Balsamic Sun Dried Tomato Paste 130g MP6BZ-51D
Belazu Black Tahini 250g (8.9oz) MP12BZ-012D
Belazu Black Tapenade 170g (6oz) MP6BZ-018R
Belazu Chermoula 130g (4.5oz) MP6BZ-023R
Belazu Date Molasses 250g (8.9oz) MP12BZ-017D
Belazu Green Olive Tapenade 160g MP6BZ-25R
Belazu Harissa Tomato Ketchup 300g MP6BZ-010D
Belazu Oak Smoked Paprika & Tomato Pesto 165g (5.8oz) MP6BZ-001R
Belazu Preserved Lemons 220g (7.7oz) MP12BZ-010R
Belazu Roasted Pepper Tapenade 165g (5.8oz) MP6BZ-044D
Belazu Rose Harissa 130g (4.5oz) MP6BZ-022R
Belazu Shawarma Paste 130g MP6BZ-035R
Belazu Smoked Chilli Harissa 170g (6oz) MP6BZ-033R
Belazu Smoked Chilli Ketchup 300g MP6BZ-011D
Belazu Tagine Paste 170g MP6BZ-016R
Belazu Tahini 500g (17oz) MP6BZ-065G
Belazu Tomato and Balsamic Ketchup 300g MP6BZ-009D
Belazu Truffle and Artichoke Pesto 165g (5.8oz) MP6BZ-003R
Belazu Urfa Chilli Paste 170g (6oz) MP6BZ-064D
Belazu Zhoug Paste 130g MP6BZ-022D