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Introducing Belazu Harissa & Mustard Mayo

We just received these two flavors of mayonnaise from Belazu: Harrissa and Mustard. Of course, one is a little spicy and uses Belazu’s signature ingredient, rose harissa paste, to add flavorful heat to this all-purpose condiment. The mustard mayo is more traditional, and inspired by French Dijon mustard. Both are perfect for dips, sandwich spreads, chicken or egg salad, and they arrive just in time for summer and to be included in picnic outings. They are both based on rapeseed oil and free-range pasteurized egg yolks. They are packed in 6 jars in a case.

The products use the new Belazu branding, and we have slowly been receiving products with this new look. The color scheme has been updated, replacing the olive green with a refreshing Mediterranean blue.

Their name “Belazu” comes from a medley of French, Italian, and Spanish words- ‘Bel Azur’, ‘Bel Azzurro’, and ‘Bonito Azul’- which all translate ‘beautiful blue.’ Hence the bold new look ties into their name.

We are in stock now with these two mayos and another new product, Sour Cherry Molasses. Ask for a sample jar with your next order. View Belazu Products