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Holiday Offerings & New Lines from Chelsea Imports

Here is a list of holiday items and new lines we will introduce in the Fall. We have stock in some of these lines now and are looking to import larger quantities in the fall and can deliver these products to you in October. There is a linked price list at the bottom of this post.

Annabel’s Deliciously British – Yorkshire, England

Annabel’s Deliciously British offers chutneys, conserves, and honey made from produce and hives on their fifth-generation strawberry farm in Yorkshire. We are introducing this new line from folks who have farmed strawberries and rhubarb, using only British fruit to make classic and modern English tastes, with distinctive and clean graphic packaging.


Cocoba Chocolate – London, England

Cocoaba believes in creating excellent quality chocolate products and drinks to enjoy. This young British company about 10 years old, started out by producing hot chocolate bombs at pop-up locations and grew to create all kinds of colorful chocolate treats. We are expanding the products we import to include Hot Chocolate Spoons & Bombs, and their new line of colorful 180-gram chocolate bars.

The Cherry Tree – Somerset, England

The Cherry Tree produces award-winning sweet and savory condiments sold throughout the UK. Their products include jams, chutneys, curds, and marmalades. We currently have sample stock, and more of their distinctively English recipes will be available on October 1st.

Kew Gardens Line from The Cherry Tree

The Cherry Tree also creates a line of products that celebrates and supports Kew Gardens. These products use the same recipe as The Cherry Tree but have carefully and artfully illustrated labels, and 10%  of the revenue goes to support Kew Gardens. We have samples available now if you are interested in this line.

Kew Gardens, located in London, is a 300-acre botanical paradise and UNESCO World Heritage Site that captivates visitors with its natural beauty and rich heritage.

Miena’s Irish Nougat, Ireland

Hailing from Ireland, this outstanding soft, chewy nougat is handmade by Miena and her team based on her South African roots and family recipe. Available in 3 case assortments: Classic Nut, Fruit and Nut, and Decadent. Each POS box has 18 bars per case and has a variety of 3 flavors from within that group.

View Miena’s Nougat


I Just Love Breakfast – Flanders, Belgium

This line of granola is loaded with natural sweetness but no sugar. It comes in various enticing flavors and is packaged in simple cello packs. This product comes from a Belgian artisan bakery that specializes in granola production. The bakery was started six years ago by a woman architect who followed her passion to create a granola bakery.


Shortbread House Holiday Items & New Tins

From Edinburgh, our favorite shortbread bakery partner, we will have three new holiday boxes in bright, joyous packaging. The 250g boxes are flavored with peppermint bark (blue) or festive chai spices (red), and the 170g box is shortbread with cranberries (green). Also, we will transition to a new design for 140g tins for their all-butter recipe in the fall. These tins will be available during the holidays in Clotted Cream, White Chocolate and Hazelnut, Toffee, Madagascar Vanilla, and Spanish Clementine.

Which products interest you? We are eager to get your pre-orders for these products so we can place orders, get them into the country and deliver them to you in the October- November timeframe. Here are links to Chelsea Imports Holiday Price List (PDF) or Chelsea Imports Excel Order Form for all the above products. These products are currently not available on our website.

Please call us at 212-727-1484 or email us to get more information or place your holiday order.