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Shortbread House Holiday Items

We are now in stock with the 3 Shortbread House Holiday items we import for the Christmas season.

  • Shortbread House Fingers with Cranberry 170g MP12 – Green Box
  • Shortbread House Minis with Peppermint Bark 250g MP6 – Blue Box
  • Shortbread House Minis with Chai Spice 250g MP6 – Red Box

Shortbread House resigned their 140g tins that contain their all-butter recipe shortbread. Previously, these came in octagonal tins, and the new colorful round tins feature Scottish Thistle. We are offering the All-Butter recipe in 5 flavors for the holidays, including two new flavors.

  • Shortbread House Tin – Clotted Cream 140g MP12
  • Shortbread House Tin – White Chocolate Hazelnut 140g MP12
  • Shortbread House Tin – Salted Caramel 140g MP12
  • Shortbread House Madagascar Vanilla Tin 140g MP12 (New Flavor)
  • Shortbread Spanish Clementine Tin 140g MP12 (New Flavor)

We continue to offer the Orignal Recipe and other flavors based on it. These recipes include mostly butter but some vegetable shortening. The original recipe is also a little less expensive than the All-Butter tins.  All of these 140g tins have been great sellers for us.

  • Shortbread House Original Biscuit Tin 140g MP12
  • Shortbread House Dark Chocolate Biscuit Tin 140g MP12
  • Shortbread House Sicilian Lemon Biscuit Tin 140g MP12
  • Shortbread House Ginger Biscuit Tin 140g MP12

If you want to stock the holiday items, let us know soon, as we will probably sell out of them.

See Shortbread House Catalog Page.

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Holiday Offerings & New Lines from Chelsea Imports

Here is a list of holiday items and new lines we will introduce in the Fall. We have stock in some of these lines now and are looking to import larger quantities in the fall and can deliver these products to you in October. There is a linked price list at the bottom of this post.

Annabel’s Deliciously British – Yorkshire, England

Annabel’s Deliciously British offers chutneys, conserves, and honey made from produce and hives on their fifth-generation strawberry farm in Yorkshire. We are introducing this new line from folks who have farmed strawberries and rhubarb, using only British fruit to make classic and modern English tastes, with distinctive and clean graphic packaging.


Cocoba Chocolate – London, England

Cocoaba believes in creating excellent quality chocolate products and drinks to enjoy. This young British company about 10 years old, started out by producing hot chocolate bombs at pop-up locations and grew to create all kinds of colorful chocolate treats. We are expanding the products we import to include Hot Chocolate Spoons & Bombs, and their new line of colorful 180-gram chocolate bars.

The Cherry Tree – Somerset, England

The Cherry Tree produces award-winning sweet and savory condiments sold throughout the UK. Their products include jams, chutneys, curds, and marmalades. We currently have sample stock, and more of their distinctively English recipes will be available on October 1st.

Kew Gardens Line from The Cherry Tree

The Cherry Tree also creates a line of products that celebrates and supports Kew Gardens. These products use the same recipe as The Cherry Tree but have carefully and artfully illustrated labels, and 10%  of the revenue goes to support Kew Gardens. We have samples available now if you are interested in this line.

Kew Gardens, located in London, is a 300-acre botanical paradise and UNESCO World Heritage Site that captivates visitors with its natural beauty and rich heritage.

Miena’s Irish Nougat, Ireland

Hailing from Ireland, this outstanding soft, chewy nougat is handmade by Miena and her team based on her South African roots and family recipe. Available in 3 case assortments: Classic Nut, Fruit and Nut, and Decadent. Each POS box has 18 bars per case and has a variety of 3 flavors from within that group.

View Miena’s Nougat


I Just Love Breakfast – Flanders, Belgium

This line of granola is loaded with natural sweetness but no sugar. It comes in various enticing flavors and is packaged in simple cello packs. This product comes from a Belgian artisan bakery that specializes in granola production. The bakery was started six years ago by a woman architect who followed her passion to create a granola bakery.


Shortbread House Holiday Items & New Tins

From Edinburgh, our favorite shortbread bakery partner, we will have three new holiday boxes in bright, joyous packaging. The 250g boxes are flavored with peppermint bark (blue) or festive chai spices (red), and the 170g box is shortbread with cranberries (green). Also, we will transition to a new design for 140g tins for their all-butter recipe in the fall. These tins will be available during the holidays in Clotted Cream, White Chocolate and Hazelnut, Toffee, Madagascar Vanilla, and Spanish Clementine.

Which products interest you? We are eager to get your pre-orders for these products so we can place orders, get them into the country and deliver them to you in the October- November timeframe. Here are links to Chelsea Imports Holiday Price List (PDF) or Chelsea Imports Excel Order Form for all the above products. These products are currently not available on our website.

Please call us at 212-727-1484 or email us to get more information or place your holiday order.

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Introducing Belazu Harissa & Mustard Mayo

We just received these two flavors of mayonnaise from Belazu: Harrissa and Mustard. Of course, one is a little spicy and uses Belazu’s signature ingredient, rose harissa paste, to add flavorful heat to this all-purpose condiment. The mustard mayo is more traditional, and inspired by French Dijon mustard. Both are perfect for dips, sandwich spreads, chicken or egg salad, and they arrive just in time for summer and to be included in picnic outings. They are both based on rapeseed oil and free-range pasteurized egg yolks. They are packed in 6 jars in a case.

The products use the new Belazu branding, and we have slowly been receiving products with this new look. The color scheme has been updated, replacing the olive green with a refreshing Mediterranean blue.

Their name “Belazu” comes from a medley of French, Italian, and Spanish words- ‘Bel Azur’, ‘Bel Azzurro’, and ‘Bonito Azul’- which all translate ‘beautiful blue.’ Hence the bold new look ties into their name.

We are in stock now with these two mayos and another new product, Sour Cherry Molasses. Ask for a sample jar with your next order. View Belazu Products

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Introducing New English Tea Company

The New English Tea Company – Sri Lankan & Indian Tea procured in England with beautifully designed keepsake Vintage Tins and priced well!

We have carried this line in our shop and it has sold extremely well and we now introduce this wonderful brand to our wholesale customers. It is an ethically sourced, high-quality, and delicious tea in the true English tradition!

View New English Tea Products

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Tasty Mates – Vegan Gummy Import from England

Tasty Mates are a new brand of gummy sweets that we just began importing from UK. They are flavorful, vegan, and produced with all-natural flavors and colors.

The company was started by young mission-driven entrepreneurs in 2019. Their mission was to create a flavorful vegan gummy and do it in an earth-first way using healthy ingredients and recyclable packaging. They also wanted to create a confection that was low in sugar and high in flavor. 

The two mates seemed to have succeeded as they survived the covid era and challenging business climate and have a product that is popular in the UK and hopefully soon in the US market. They started by making everything themselves or with family and friends and have since scaled up production using the same procedure they developed.

The inspiration behind the flavors comes from the personality types, The Berry Funny One, The Juicy Peach, etc. Tasting each will persuade you of their engaging flavor, satisfying consistency, and unique personality. The shape of the gummers is a little odd, but they are designed to look like little people or mates. Compared to other vegan gummies on the market, they have nice chewiness and don’t stick to your teethes as others.

We have them in stock now. Let us know if you would like a sample with your next order.

See the Tasty Mates in our Online Catalog

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Hasslacher’s Hot Chocolate for the Holidays

Hasslacher’s Hot Chocolate for the Holidays

For the winter season, we have Hasslacher’s Hot Chocolate in stock. This line might be familiar to some, as we did import this line in the past, and it is an authentic product made in Colombia from beans grown in Colombia. The product is made and packaged in Colombia using a hundred-year-old recipe.

This is pure 100% cocoa with no added sugar or other ingredients. Using this product with heated milk, some sweetener, and a blender, you can create a rich and satisfying mug of hot chocolate.

The product’s primary purpose is to create hot drinking chocolate, but it can be used as a baking ingredient for any recipe that calls for unsweetened chocolate.

We have this in two different formats. The solid bar form is 250g and can make 16 generous servings of hot chocolate. Or in the Kraft tube, which contains 200g hot chocolate drops. The wholesale cost for the 2 formats are $6.83 and $6.50, respectively.

Send us an email or call if you want to add this to your holiday order.

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Introducing Cocoba Chocolate from England

Introducing Cocoba Chocolate, imported from England. The founder, Darren Litton, wanted to recreate the hot chocolate drinks he enjoyed as a child in Australia. They started as a popup, graduated to the cafe, and for the last five years, they have been selling their luxury products in stores and online in England. They make various chocolate products now, including very British flavors of chocolate bars, like Sticky Toffee Pudding and Eaton Mess, but their roots are with the hot chocolate bombs and spoons. The chocolate products are made in their kitchen in Kent, England, using chocolate from Belgium. 

We are expecting our first shipment of Coocba Chocolate in Early October. If you are interested, please call or email us. We will have limited supplies for the holidays, and we expect them to sell out quickly.

View Cocoba Chocolate Price List (PDF)

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New Pestos to Inspire from Belazu Ingredients Company

We expanded the range of Belazu Ingredients Company pestos we offer to our wholesale customers. These new pestos offer delicious and quick inspiration for the home chef interested in incorporating Mediterranean flavors into their creations. These pestos are all quite versatile, as they can be spread for bread or crackers and served with cheese, served as a sauce for pasta, or add intriguing flavors to fish or meat dishes. All the pestos are packed with a distinctive flavor and are nut-free.

  • Wild Mushroom Pesto For mushroom lovers, this mascarpone cheese-based pesto creates a delicious pasta dish in minutes.
  • Saffron & Piquillo Pepper Pesto The combination of sweet piquillo peppers and saffron gives this condiment a Sothern Spain accent, it does taste like paella without the protein or starch. It goes well well shellfish or lamb.
  • Tomato & Sage Pesto This pesto combines the warm flavors of semi-dried tomatoes, pecorino cheese, and sage. Great for heaty winter vegetable dishes.
  • Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto For tomato lovers, this recipe combines tomatoes, Italian cheese, olive oil, and Herbs de Provence to create a southern Italian classic pesto.
  • Ezme Mezze This one is a little different. It is a sweet and spicy Turkish paste made with tomatoes, peppers, and pomegranate molasses, and no animal products, so it is vegan. Great as a base for salad dressing or as part of an antipasto platter.

Belazu is an English company that specializes in offering Mediterranean-based cooking ingredients to passionate cooks. See Belazu products in our Online Catalog.

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About Mama Buci Honey

About the Company

Mama Buci (“Mother Honey” in the Bemba dialect) is the largest independent honey producer in Africa, represented by founder Martin Zuch and brand ambassadors Bear Grylls and Charlie Mackesy. The British-based company offers two ethically produced varieties of raw honey, Winter and Summer, and CMB is bringing them to the USA for the first time.

Established in 2008, Mama Buci works in many towns and villages of Zambia, and has provided 120,000 hives to over 7,000 families. The lightweight, flat-packed hives are constructed from forestry offcuts and can be set up in approximately ten minutes. Honey is ready in 12-18 months and is harvested twice a year, once in July and once in December.

The hives are maintained by local “mentors” who are educated in beekeeping. The families who host the hives are compensated for the weight of honey produced on their land – this extra income allows families, many headed by single mothers, to send their children to school.

About the Honey

The honey produced comes in 2 varieties, Winter and Summer. The Summer varietal is a lighter, floral honey with notes of anise and fennel that many consumers associate with the traditional “honey flavor” we all know and love, while Winter offers a richer, darker honey with notes of molasses that goes great on its own, or with cheese that showcases its strong taste.

Mama Buci honey is entirely natural, sustainable honey that capitalizes on the diverse flora and fauna of Zambia to provide a unique tasting experience.

See Mama Buci In our Online Catalog

View Mama Buci Website

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Introducing Philip – our new Director of Sales

Introducing Philip A. Kahan,

Introducing Philip A. Kahan, who has recently joined us as the director of sales. Philip comes to us after working 30-plus years in the fine leather goods industry, where he owned a business that offered leather premiums to corporate and retail accounts. He is a native New Yorker, and he enjoys meeting new friends, cooking, and exploring the world.

You can reach Philip at or by phone at 646.830.5035