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About Mama Buci Honey

About the Company

Mama Buci (“Mother Honey” in the Bemba dialect) is the largest independent honey producer in Africa, represented by founder Martin Zuch and brand ambassadors Bear Grylls and Charlie Mackesy. The British-based company offers two ethically produced varieties of raw honey, Winter and Summer, and CMB is bringing them to the USA for the first time.

Established in 2008, Mama Buci works in many towns and villages of Zambia, and has provided 120,000 hives to over 7,000 families. The lightweight, flat-packed hives are constructed from forestry offcuts and can be set up in approximately ten minutes. Honey is ready in 12-18 months and is harvested twice a year, once in July and once in December.

The hives are maintained by local “mentors” who are educated in beekeeping. The families who host the hives are compensated for the weight of honey produced on their land – this extra income allows families, many headed by single mothers, to send their children to school.

About the Honey

The honey produced comes in 2 varieties, Winter and Summer. The Summer varietal is a lighter, floral honey with notes of anise and fennel that many consumers associate with the traditional “honey flavor” we all know and love, while Winter offers a richer, darker honey with notes of molasses that goes great on its own, or with cheese that showcases its strong taste.

Mama Buci honey is entirely natural, sustainable honey that capitalizes on the diverse flora and fauna of Zambia to provide a unique tasting experience.

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Introducing Philip – our new Director of Sales

Introducing Philip A. Kahan,

Introducing Philip A. Kahan, who has recently joined us as the director of sales. Philip comes to us after working 30-plus years in the fine leather goods industry, where he owned a business that offered leather premiums to corporate and retail accounts. He is a native New Yorker, and he enjoys meeting new friends, cooking, and exploring the world.

You can reach Philip at or by phone at 646.830.5035