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We are Chelsea Market Baskets’ wholesale arm. If you want to purchase any of the products you see here or a food gift with some of the products you see here, please visit

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April 1 – Inventory Update – We just received a shipment in our warehouse from Island Bakery, Belazu, and Shortbread House. We are expecting a full container of Torres Chips from Spain in Mid-April. See our updated wholesale price list.

April Specials:

Miena’s Irish Handmade Nougat—Buy one case of the Mixed Nut Assortment and get one case of either the Fruit or Decadent Assortment. Each case contains 18 bars and three different flavors – so with 2 cases you will get 6 different flavors. The nougat is soft and chewy, but the Best-Before Date is June 2024.

Shortbread House of Edinburgh’s April Sale: Buy one case of their Red Tin Shortbread Selection (500g) and a Free Case of the Blue Tin Traditional Recipe (340g). These decorative tins look great and are perfect for Mother’s Day Gifts.

Feb 28th – Introducing Torres Pickle Flavored Potato Chips. We just received a shipping container filled with Torres Chips from Spain, so we’re back in stock with all flavors, including a new flavor, a pickle-flavored chip. The inspiration for the flavor is a German-style, slightly sweet Gherkins or an American South Bread and Butter Pickle, so they are not too spicy and especially easy to eat. We just received one pallet of the small and large bags, so quantities are limited, and as part of the Tapas line or kraft-colored bags, they are priced a bit less than the original white bags. Order online or call us to place an order.

We have a good supply of Island Bakery Shortbread House Products.

, and more.

Currently, we have no facility for online orders. We are no longer using GetSweet for wholesale orders. This service is no longer available. To order, please email us or call us. You can also download this Excel Price List File and use it for ordering.

Please use our Contact Us form if you have a question about an order, and someone will get back to you in 2 days.