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We are the wholesale arm of Chelsea Market Baskets. If you are looking to purchase any of the products that you see here or looking for a food gift with some of the products you see here, please visit

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December News

Some of the products just received in our warehouse

Early December Update: We just received Van Strien Baked Goods from Holland. Also, we recently received Mr. Filberts Really Interesting Snacks, Tregroes Waffles, and Botham’s of Whitby.

Ground Rules for Wholesale Orders during November & December

  • All orders ship ASAP based on the availability of the product. There will be NO Backorders or Delayed shipments.
  • All orders must meet our $200 minimum.
  • We will ignore orders from customers with outstanding balances older than 60 days until they pay up.

View our Updated Wholesale Pricelist (PDF) and Brand Slicks (PDF) of our imported products.

Read about new Pestos from Belazu Ingredients Company.

August 18th SUPERBON Chips from Madrid have arrived in our warehouse. We’re excited to introduce this new-to-the-USA brand of chips. They are very popular in Europe and have graphics that everyone loves. We will be introducing 5 flavors in large bags first, as seen above, followed by the single-serving bags at a later date. View Products or See SUPERBOM Price List PDF

August 15th – We just received a shipment from Torres Chips, so we are in stock now with all flavors.

Here are a few of last month’s photos from the Fancy Food Show in New York. We enjoyed seeing people in person for a change!

Introducing Mama Buci Honey

Mama Buci (“Mother Honey” in the Bemba dialect) is the largest independent honey producer in Africa – they produce two ethically-sourced varieties of raw honey, Winter and Summer, each with its own unique flavor profile. They have a great background story that helps empower local Zambian people and sustains the bee ecosystem! Read More about Mama Buci or See Mama Buci Price List PDF

The Torres Chips have Arrived!

June 2nd – The chip shortage is over! We are in stock on Torres Black Truffle Chips.

With this shipment, we will be receiving a new flavor – Fried Egg Flavored Chips Torres Chips. This flavor has sold well in our store, and happy to offer it to wholesale customers starting in June.

Currently, we have a good stock of all four flavors of Pipers Crisps Potato Chips, imported from England. The 4 flavors are Anglesey Sea Salt, Cider Vinegar & Sea Salt, Cheddar & Onion, and Rosemary & Thyme. They are available in single-serving and large bags.

Currently, we have no facility for online orders. We are no longer using GetSweet for wholesale orders. This service is no longer available. To order, please email us or call us. You can also download this Excel Price List File and use it for ordering.

Please use our Contact Us form if you have a question about an order, and some will get back to you in 2 days.

All basket-related products will have a 10% Transportation Surcharge because of the outrageous shipping cost we are experiencing now related to importing products from China.