Welcome to the new home for Chelsea Imports

Happy New Year – Wednesday, Jan 12th, 2022

We are back in stock with Island Bakery, Summerdown Mint, and Shortbread House. We will be working on our new website in the next 4 weeks. If you are interested in our Wholesale Price List, you can download it on this page – the password is ffm.

January Specials

Subsidized Shipping on Orders of $500 & UP – we will subsidize UPS shipping to the tune of 50% – this does not apply to the portion of the order that contains potato chips.

Free Shipping on Orders of $1000 & UP – we pay the UPS Shipping or Freight for orders over $1,000. We will decide if the order is best shipped in boxes and shipped via UPS or shipped by truck on a pallet.

Shortbread House of Edinburg January Specials – we are offering 25% off on selected products. This sale will run during January or while supplies last. Also, for the cello-packed products, the Best Before Dates are April 2022. The sales items are listed below – please mention this special when ordering.

  • Shortbread House Peacock Box w/Peppermint Bark 240g MP8 (SB-CBOXPM)
  • Shortbread House Peacock Box 240g MP8 (SB-CBOX)
  • Shortbread Fingers Original 2pk- 1.5oz MP60 (SB-SF2PKT)
  • Shortbread Fingers Choc & Orange 2pk- 1.5oz MP60 (SB-SF2PKTCO)
  • Shortbread Fingers Ginger 2-pk 1.5oz MP60 (SB-SF2PKTG)
  • Shortbread Fingers Original 6oz MP24 (SB-SFPKT)
  • Shortbread Fingers Choc & Orange 6oz MP24 (SB-SFPKTCO)
  • Shortbread Fingers Ginger 6oz MP24 (SB-SFPKTG)
  • Shortbread Oaties Biscuits 5.3oz MP24 (SB-SOPKT)
  • Shortbread Oaties Choc Chips 5.3oz MP24 (SB-SOPKTC)

Currently, we have no facility for online orders. We are no longer using GetSweet for wholesale orders. This service is no longer available. To order please email us or call us.

Please use our Contact Us form, if you have a question about an order and some will get back to you in 2 days.

This is now a bare-bones site and we will be adding content and functionality as time goes on – please stay tuned.

All basket-related products will have a 10% Transportation Surcharge because of the outrageous shipping cost we are experiencing now related to importing products from China.

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Island Bakery