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We are the wholesale arm of Chelsea Market Baskets. If you want to purchase any of the products you see here or a food gift with some of the products you see here, please visit

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Introducing Belazu Harissa and Mustard Mayonnaise – Read More.

We look forward to seeing you at the Fancy Food Show in June – We will be in Booth #2646.

May 22nd – Inventory Update

We just received one shipment from England. We are now in stock with Pipers Chips, Belazu, Hawkhead Relish Company, Kent & Fraser Gluten-free Bakery, and Shortbread House. Island Bakery products will be arriving towards the end of May. We are expecting a container with Superbon Chips in Early June, and at that time, we will be back in stock with the Black Truffle flavors.

Are You Ready for a Picnic?

We offer plenty of baskets and items to deliciously fill picnic baskets, including Mr. Filbert’s Really Interesting Snacks, Tasty Mates Gummies, Superbon Chips

, and more.

Just add New Engish Tea Products to our imported assortment. Read More.

Read about our new import – Tasty Mates – Vegan Gummies from England.

View our Updated Wholesale Pricelist (PDF) and Brand Slicks (PDFs) of our imported products.

Introducing Mama Buci Honey

Mama Buci (“Mother Honey” in the Bemba dialect) is the largest independent honey producer in Africa – they produce two ethically-sourced varieties of raw honey, Winter and Summer, each with its unique flavor profile. They have a great background story that helps empower local Zambian people and sustains the bee ecosystem! Read More about Mama Buci or See Mama Buci Price List PDF

Currently, we have no facility for online orders. We are no longer using GetSweet for wholesale orders. This service is no longer available. To order, please email us or call us. You can also download this Excel Price List File and use it for ordering.

Please use our Contact Us form if you have a question about an order, and someone will get back to you in 2 days.