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Tasty Mates – Vegan Gummy Import from England

Tasty Mates are a new brand of gummy sweets that we just began importing from UK. They are flavorful, vegan, and produced with all-natural flavors and colors.

The company was started by young mission-driven entrepreneurs in 2019. Their mission was to create a flavorful vegan gummy and do it in an earth-first way using healthy ingredients and recyclable packaging. They also wanted to create a confection that was low in sugar and high in flavor. 

The two mates seemed to have succeeded as they survived the covid era and challenging business climate and have a product that is popular in the UK and hopefully soon in the US market. They started by making everything themselves or with family and friends and have since scaled up production using the same procedure they developed.

The inspiration behind the flavors comes from the personality types, The Berry Funny One, The Juicy Peach, etc. Tasting each will persuade you of their engaging flavor, satisfying consistency, and unique personality. The shape of the gummers is a little odd, but they are designed to look like little people or mates. Compared to other vegan gummies on the market, they have nice chewiness and don’t stick to your teethes as others.

We have them in stock now. Let us know if you would like a sample with your next order.

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