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Hasslacher’s Hot Chocolate for the Holidays

Hasslacher’s Hot Chocolate for the Holidays

For the winter season, we have Hasslacher’s Hot Chocolate in stock. This line might be familiar to some, as we did import this line in the past, and it is an authentic product made in Colombia from beans grown in Colombia. The product is made and packaged in Colombia using a hundred-year-old recipe.

This is pure 100% cocoa with no added sugar or other ingredients. Using this product with heated milk, some sweetener, and a blender, you can create a rich and satisfying mug of hot chocolate.

The product’s primary purpose is to create hot drinking chocolate, but it can be used as a baking ingredient for any recipe that calls for unsweetened chocolate.

We have this in two different formats. The solid bar form is 250g and can make 16 generous servings of hot chocolate. Or in the Kraft tube, which contains 200g hot chocolate drops. The wholesale cost for the 2 formats are $6.83 and $6.50, respectively.

Send us an email or call if you want to add this to your holiday order.