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New Pestos to Inspire from Belazu Ingredients Company

We expanded the range of Belazu Ingredients Company pestos we offer to our wholesale customers. These new pestos offer delicious and quick inspiration for the home chef interested in incorporating Mediterranean flavors into their creations. These pestos are all quite versatile, as they can be spread for bread or crackers and served with cheese, served as a sauce for pasta, or add intriguing flavors to fish or meat dishes. All the pestos are packed with a distinctive flavor and are nut-free.

  • Wild Mushroom Pesto For mushroom lovers, this mascarpone cheese-based pesto creates a delicious pasta dish in minutes.
  • Saffron & Piquillo Pepper Pesto The combination of sweet piquillo peppers and saffron gives this condiment a Sothern Spain accent, it does taste like paella without the protein or starch. It goes well well shellfish or lamb.
  • Tomato & Sage Pesto This pesto combines the warm flavors of semi-dried tomatoes, pecorino cheese, and sage. Great for heaty winter vegetable dishes.
  • Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto For tomato lovers, this recipe combines tomatoes, Italian cheese, olive oil, and Herbs de Provence to create a southern Italian classic pesto.
  • Ezme Mezze This one is a little different. It is a sweet and spicy Turkish paste made with tomatoes, peppers, and pomegranate molasses, and no animal products, so it is vegan. Great as a base for salad dressing or as part of an antipasto platter.

Belazu is an English company that specializes in offering Mediterranean-based cooking ingredients to passionate cooks. See Belazu products in our Online Catalog.