Shortbread House of Edinburgh

The Shortbread House of Edinburgh is a small, family-run bakery started by Anna Wilson. It has since become the premier brand of shortbread throughout the British Isles. Their products use no shortcuts or preservatives, and they are always made with the same recipes by hand. We have imported this brand for over 20 years.

Shortbread Box Fingers Choc Orange 6oz MP12SB-SFBXCO12
Shortbread Box Fingers Ginger 6oz MP12SB-SFBXG12
Shortbread Box Fingers Original 6oz MP12SB-SFBXO12
Shortbread Fingers Choc & Orange 2pk- 1.5oz MP60SB-SF2PKTCO
Shortbread Fingers Choc & Orange 6oz MP24SB-SFPKTCO
Shortbread Fingers Ginger 2-pk 1.5oz MP60SB-SF2PKTG
Shortbread Fingers Ginger 6oz MP24SB-SFPKTG
Shortbread Fingers Original 2pk- 1.5oz MP60SB-SF2PKT
Shortbread Fingers Original 6oz MP24SB-SFPKT
Shortbread House Blue Tin-Clotted Cream 9.8oz MP12SB-R280CC
Shortbread House Dark Chocolate Biscuit Tin 140g MP12SB-R140DC
Shortbread House Finger Selection Tin 500g MP8SB-SFTIN500
Shortbread House Fingers Original Tin 400g MP8SB-SFTIN400
Shortbread House Ginger Biscuit Tin 140g MP12SB-R140G
Shortbread House Original Biscuit Tin 140g MP12SB-R140
Shortbread House Peacock Box 240g MP8SB-CBOX
Shortbread House Peacock Box w/Peppermint Bark 240g MP8SB-CBOXPM
Shortbread House Red Tin-White Chocolate & Hazelnut 9.8oz MP12SB-R280WH
Shortbread House Sara Miller Chocolety Shortbread Tin 400g MP8SB-SM400
Shortbread House Sicilian Lemon Biscuit Tin 140g MP12SB-R140SL
Shortbread House SMTin-Ginger 8.8oz MP12SB-R250G
Shortbread House SMTin-Original 8.8oz MP12SB-R250
Shortbread House SMTin-w/Choc Chips 8.8oz MP12SB-R250C
Shortbread House Tin - Clotted Cream 140g MP12SB-R140CC
Shortbread House Tin - Salted Caramel 140g MP12SB-R140SC
Shortbread House Tin - White Chocolate Hazelnut 140g MP12SB-R140CH
Shortbread House Whiskey Cake Winter Scene 400g MP6SB-400WC
Shortbread House Yellow Tin-Salted Caramel 9.8oz MP12SB-R280SC
Shortbread Mini Chocolate Orange Box 5.3oz MP8SB-M150CO
Shortbread Mini Cinnamon & Demerara Sugar 150g MP8SB-M150D
Shortbread Mini Ginger Box 5.3oz MP8SB-M150G
Shortbread Mini Lemon Box 5.3oz MP8SB-M150L
Shortbread Mini Macadamia Nut 150g MP8SB-M150M
Shortbread Mini Original Box 5.3oz MP8SB-M150
Shortbread Oaties Biscuits 5.3oz MP24SB-SOPKT
Shortbread Oaties Biscuits Original 2pk 1.2oz MP54SB-SO2PKT
Shortbread Oaties Choc Chips 5.3oz MP24SB-SOPKTC