Imported Specialty Food Products

These are the wholesale foods that we import, and offer to retail customers in the United States.

Belazu Apricot Harissa 170g (6oz) MP6BZ-036R
Belazu Aubergine and Parm Pesto 165g MP6BZ-014D
Belazu Balsamic Sun Dried Tomato Paste 130g MP6BZ-51D
Belazu Black Tahini 250g (8.9oz) MP12BZ-012D
Belazu Black Tapenade 170g (6oz) MP6BZ-018R
Belazu Chermoula 130g (4.5oz) MP6BZ-023R
Belazu Date Molasses 250g (8.9oz) MP12BZ-017D
Belazu Green Olive Tapenade 160g MP6BZ-25R
Belazu Harissa Tomato Ketchup 300g MP6BZ-010D
Belazu Oak Smoked Paprika & Tomato Pesto 165g (5.8oz) MP6BZ-001R
Belazu Preserved Lemons 220g (7.7oz) MP12BZ-010R
Belazu Roasted Pepper Tapenade 165g (5.8oz) MP6BZ-044D
Belazu Rose Harissa 130g (4.5oz) MP6BZ-022R
Belazu Shawarma Paste 130g MP6BZ-035R
Belazu Smoked Chilli Harissa 170g (6oz) MP6BZ-033R
Belazu Smoked Chilli Ketchup 300g MP6BZ-011D
Belazu Tagine Paste 170g MP6BZ-016R
Belazu Tahini 500g (17oz) MP6BZ-065G
Belazu Tomato and Balsamic Ketchup 300g MP6BZ-009D
Belazu Truffle and Artichoke Pesto 165g (5.8oz) MP6BZ-003R
Belazu Urfa Chilli Paste 170g (6oz) MP6BZ-064D
Belazu Zhoug Paste 130g MP6BZ-022D
Buttermilk Caramel & Sea Salt Share Box 5.2oz MP6..BM-SBCSS
Buttermilk Choco Honeycomb Share Box 5.2oz MP6BM-SBCCH
Buttermilk Milk Choc Caramel Sea Salt Fudge Share Box 140g MP6BM-SBMCSS
Buttermilk Peanut Brittle Share Box 5.2oz MP6..BM-SBPBRI
Buttermilk Vanilla Share Box 5.2oz MP6BM-SBVA
CMB Goin' Nuts Bacon Peanuts MP12CMB001
Fire Tree Mini 72% Papua New Guinea 25g MP20FT-PKG25
Fire Tree Mini 84% Madagascar 25g MP20FT-Mal25
Firetree 100% Solomon Islands Guadalcanal Bar 65g MP12FT062
Firetree 69% Solomon Islands Guadalcanal Bar 65g MP12FT000
Firetree 72% Papua New Guinea Karkar Bar 65g MP12FT024
Firetree 72% Vanuatu Malekula Bar 65g MP12FT048
Firetree 73% Mini Philippines 25g MP20FT-FMM25
Firetree 73% Philippines Mindanao Bar 65g MP12FT031
Firetree 7pc Bar Gift 175g priced eachFT-Gift175g
Firetree Mini 100% Solomon Islands 25g MP20FT-SGD25
Firetree Mini 72% Vanuatu Malkeula 25g MP20FT-VMT25
GB Biscotti Cheddar Fennel 100g (3.5oz) MP6GB-CF
GB Biscotti Jalapeño & Cheddar Savory 100g (3.5oz) MP6GB-JC
GB Biscotti Sour Cherry & Double Choc Sweet 100g (3.5oz) MP6GB-SCD
GB Biscotti Sun Dried Tomato & Olive Savory 100g (3.5oz) MP6GB-SDT
GB Biscotti White Choc Cranberry Pistachio Sweet 100g (3.5oz) MP6GB-WCP
Gin Chup 170ml Tube MP24GM-CHUP170
Gin Mayo 170ml Tube MP24GM170
Gin Plexi Glass POS Display EachGMplexi
Hawkshead Black Garlic Ketchup 310g MP6HR-BGK310
Hawkshead- CMB Lemon Curd (3.5 oz) MP20HR-CMB-LC
Hawkshead- CMB Lemon Curd (7oz) MP6HR-CMB-LM
Hawkshead- CMB Mango Chutney (4oz) MP20HR-CMB-MC
Hawkshead- CMB Mango Chutney (7oz) MP6HR-CMB-MN
Hawkshead- CMB Passion Fruit Curd (7oz) MP6HR-CMB-PF
Hawkshead- CMB Red Onion Marmalade (4oz) MP20HR-CMB-OM
Hawkshead- CMB Red Onion Marmalade (7oz) MP6HR-CMB-RO
Island Bakery Apple Crumbles 125g MP12IBAC125
Island Bakery Black Pepper Oatcakes 135g MP12IB-BPO135
Island Bakery Cheese Biscuits Cheddar 100g MP12IB-CBC100
Island Bakery Cheese Biscuits Harissa w Chilli 100g MP12IB-CBH100
Island Bakery Cheese Biscuits with Onion & Thyme 100g MP12IB-CBOT100
Island Bakery Chocolate Ginger 133g MP12IB133CG
Island Bakery Chocolate Gingers 2pk 35g MP40IB008
Island Bakery Lemon Melt Tin 180g MP6IB-LMTIN180
Island Bakery Lemon Melts 133g MP12IB133LM
Island Bakery Lemon Melts 2pk 35g MP48IB007
Island Bakery Oat Crumble (4.7oz) 125g MP12IB125OC
Island Bakery Oat Crumble 2pk 35g MP48IB005
Island Bakery Orange Melts 133g MP12IB133CM
Island Bakery Original Oatcakes 135g MP12IB-OO135
Island Bakery Shortbread 125g (4.4oz) MP12IB125SB
Island Bakery Shortbread 2pk 35g MP48IB006
Island Bakery Three Seed Oatcakes 135g MP12IB-TSO135
Jealous Sweets Berry Foams Cherry-Straw -Blkberry 125G MP7JL-BFoams
Jealous Sweets Grizzly Bears125g Bags MP7JL-GB125
Jealous Sweets Happy Bears (Sugar Free) 119g Bags MP7JL-HB119
Jealous Sweets Juicy Foams, Peach-Mango-Rasp 125g MP7JL-JFoams
Jealous Sweets Tangy Worms 125g Bags MP7JL-TG125
Mr. Filberts Applewood Smoked Mixed Nuts 100g MP12MF-ASN100
Mr. Filberts French Rosemary Almonds 100g MP12MF-FRA100
Mr. Filberts Green Olives Chilli 65g (2.3oz) MP8MF-OLCH
Mr. Filberts Green Olives Lemon 65g (2.3oz) MP8MF-OLMN
Mr. Filberts Indonesian Peppered Cashews 100g MP12MF-IPC
Mr. Filberts Italian Black Truffle MIxed Nuts 100 g MP12MF-IBTMN
Mr. Filberts Kalamata Olives 65g (2.3oz) MP8MF-KLOV
Oatmeal of Alford Pinhead 1KG MP6OA01
Pea Green Boat Cheese Sables with Chili 80g MP12PG-CL
Pea Green Boat Cumin Sables 80g MP12PG-CM
Pea Green Boat Original Sables 80g MP12PG-OG
Pipers Crisp Cider Vinegar & Sea Salt 5.3oz MP8PC-150VIN
Pipers Crisp with Anglesey Sea Salt 40g MP24PC-005
Pipers Crisp with Cheddar & Onion 40g MP24PC-007
Pipers Crisp with Cheddar & Onion 5.3oz MP8PC-150CHE
Pipers Crisp with Cider Vinegar and Sea Salt 40g MP24PC-006
Pipers Crisp with Rosemary & Thyme 5.3oz MP8PC-150ROS
Pipers Crisp with Rosemary and Thyme 40g MP24PC-010
Pipers Crisps with Anglesey Sea Salt 5.3oz MP8PC-150SALT
Shortbread Box Fingers Choc Orange 6oz MP12SB-SFBXCO12
Shortbread Box Fingers Ginger 6oz MP12SB-SFBXG12
Shortbread Box Fingers Original 6oz MP12SB-SFBXO12
Shortbread Fingers Choc & Orange 2pk- 1.5oz MP60SB-SF2PKTCO
Shortbread Fingers Choc & Orange 6oz MP24SB-SFPKTCO
Shortbread Fingers Ginger 2-pk 1.5oz MP60SB-SF2PKTG
Shortbread Fingers Ginger 6oz MP24SB-SFPKTG
Shortbread Fingers Original 2pk- 1.5oz MP60SB-SF2PKT
Shortbread Fingers Original 6oz MP24SB-SFPKT
Shortbread House Blue Tin-Clotted Cream 9.8oz MP12SB-R280CC
Shortbread House Dark Chocolate Biscuit Tin 140g MP12SB-R140DC
Shortbread House Finger Selection Tin 500g MP8SB-SFTIN500
Shortbread House Fingers Original Tin 400g MP8SB-SFTIN400
Shortbread House Ginger Biscuit Tin 140g MP12SB-R140G
Shortbread House Original Biscuit Tin 140g MP12SB-R140
Shortbread House Peacock Box 240g MP8SB-CBOX
Shortbread House Peacock Box w/Peppermint Bark 240g MP8SB-CBOXPM
Shortbread House Red Tin-White Chocolate & Hazelnut 9.8oz MP12SB-R280WH
Shortbread House Sara Miller Chocolety Shortbread Tin 400g MP8SB-SM400
Shortbread House Sicilian Lemon Biscuit Tin 140g MP12SB-R140SL
Shortbread House SMTin-Ginger 8.8oz MP12SB-R250G
Shortbread House SMTin-Original 8.8oz MP12SB-R250
Shortbread House SMTin-w/Choc Chips 8.8oz MP12SB-R250C
Shortbread House Tin - Clotted Cream 140g MP12SB-R140CC
Shortbread House Tin - Salted Caramel 140g MP12SB-R140SC
Shortbread House Tin - White Chocolate Hazelnut 140g MP12SB-R140CH
Shortbread House Whiskey Cake Winter Scene 400g MP6SB-400WC
Shortbread House Yellow Tin-Salted Caramel 9.8oz MP12SB-R280SC
Shortbread Mini Chocolate Orange Box 5.3oz MP8SB-M150CO
Shortbread Mini Cinnamon & Demerara Sugar 150g MP8SB-M150D
Shortbread Mini Ginger Box 5.3oz MP8SB-M150G
Shortbread Mini Lemon Box 5.3oz MP8SB-M150L
Shortbread Mini Macadamia Nut 150g MP8SB-M150M
Shortbread Mini Original Box 5.3oz MP8SB-M150
Shortbread Oaties Biscuits 5.3oz MP24SB-SOPKT
Shortbread Oaties Biscuits Original 2pk 1.2oz MP54SB-SO2PKT
Shortbread Oaties Choc Chips 5.3oz MP24SB-SOPKTC
Summerdown Bar Dark 100g MP12SD116
Summerdown Bar Dark Crisp 100g MP12SD118
Summerdown Bar Milk 100g MP12SD117
Summerdown Mint Crisps 200g MP8SD-MCRISPS
Summerdown Mint Domino Bars 7oz MP8SD-MINTDOM
Summerdown Mint Thins 5.3oz MP8SD-THINS
Summerdown Peppermint Pyramid Tea 0.76oz MP8SD-TEA
Summerdown Selection Box 170g MP8SD-SEL
Summered Chocolate Peppermint Creams 200g MP8SD-MINT
The Wasabi Co Mustard 175g MP6TWC02
The Wasabi Co The Wasabi Co Mayonnaise 175g MP6TWC01
The Wasabi Co Wasabi Powder 23g MP6TWC10
The Wasabi Co Yuzu Mayonnaise 175g MP6TWC03
The Wasabi Co Yuzu Mustard 175g MP6TWC04
Torres Black Truffle Potato Chips 125g (4.5oz) MP15PF01
Torres Black Truffle Potato Chips 40g (1.4oz) MP20PF02
Torres Cured Cheese Potato Chips 150g MP15PF16
Torres Cured Cheese Potato Chips 50g MP20PF15
Torres De La Vera Hot Smoked Paprika Potato Chips 150g MP15PF13
Torres De La Vera Hot Smoked Paprika Potato Chips 50g MP20PF12
Torres Foie Gras Potato Chips 150g MP15PF-FG150
Torres Mediterranean Sea Salt 150g MP15PF-MS150
Torres Mediterranean Sea Salt 50g MP20PF-MS50
Torres Olive Oil Potato Chips 150g MP15PF03
Torres Olive Oil Potato Chips 50g MP20PF04
Torres Select Iberian Ham Potato Chips 150g MP15PF09
Torres Selecta Iberian Ham Potato Chips 50g MP20PF07
Torres Sparkling Wine Chips 50g MP20PF08
Tregroes Belgian Dark Choc Waffle 45g MP21TW005
Tregroes Belgian Dark Choc Waffle 6pk 270g MP6TW006
Tregroes Belgian Milk Choc Waffle 45g MP21TW003
Tregroes Belgian Milk Choc Waffle 6pk 270g MP6TW004
Tregroes Butter Toffee Waffle Bags 8pk MP12TW007
Tregroes Butter Toffee Waffle Doubles 70g MP15TW001
Tregroes Butter Toffee Waffles 8pk 270g MP6TW002
Uncle Joe's Mint Balls 120g MP12UJ-TINS
Uncle Joe's Mint Balls in Bag 90g MP12UJ-BAGS
Van Strien All Butter Cheese Onion Straws 90g MP5VS2906
Van Strien All Butter Cheese Palmiers w/ Old Gouda Holland 80g MP5VS2900
Van Strien All Butter Cheese Straws w/ Emmentaler 90g MP5VS2901
Van Strien All Butter Lemon Cookies 120g MP5VS2911
Van Strien All Butter Mocha Biscuits w/ Chocolate & Hazelnuts 120g MP5VS2912
Van Strien All Butter Palmier w/ Caramel 120g MP5VS2913
Van Strien All Butter Romeo w/ Caramel & Almonds 120g MP5VS2910
Van Strien Chilli Cheese Nibbles 90g MP5VS2907
Van Strien Delicious Dark Cookies 4.9oz MP6VS2931
Van Strien Pecan Caramel / Butter Nutty Delight 4.9oz MP6VS2932
Van Strien Selection for Cookie Lovers GiftPack 280g MP6VS2954